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iOS / Windows 10

Securely manage your data storage using any browser.

The best team collaboration tool, tailored for architects, landscape designers, photographers, journalists, private healthcare practices and data-based companies. Replaces alternatives on your computers and gives you control where to store your data.

Register tenants and users, their credentials and groups, defining what data containers they should have access to.

Keep track of file changes and user actions.

Simple UI
disaster recovery, highly available data storage
Private File Sharing
  • Enables on-premises disaster data recovery
  • Scales automatically
  • Highly available
Team Collaboration
Team Collaboration
  • Sharing files of any size
  • Locking files you work on
  • History of changes
  • Full-text search
  • Simple storage
  • LAN Synchronization
Media Workflows
Media workflows
  • HD video uploads
  • Store live streams
  • Simultaneous data replication to multiple clusters (CDN, analytics, transcoding, etc.)
Multi-Datacenter Distribution
multi-datacenter distribution
  • Distribute data across many different locations
  • Address issues related to compliance (GDPR, CCPA, etc.), performance, latency, etc.
  • EFSS

Why Light is better than "cloud"

Increase Speed x10

Services are usually hosted close to cloud providers, in order to keep up with the load.


We allow you to host our server close to where you are for free. You will receive all the benefits of collaboration tool and assistance.

See where distance is critical


Even if you are close enough to the regional cloud datacenter ( 30 km optimal distance ), connection speed is often suboptimal, as provider limits bandwidth.

Reduce Costs

Most storage systems are complex, they have hidden charges, undocumented features and undefined behaviours. The AWS behind Dropbox is one example of such poorly documented system.


A fixed-price service. No hidden charges.

Free chat support.

We charge nothing when you host on your premises.


They force you to pay for what you never use: traffic, reserved expensive hardware and "support plans" with slow response times. Calculate your savings.

Users: Space (TB):
You save $ yearly.
Increase Trust of Users

GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA, CCPA, SOC 2, NYDFS, FINRA. When corporation uses those abbreviations they really guarantee safety of the CEO in case of lawsuit.

The provider could still share your data with third parties without asking you first.


We do not pass on your personal data to anyone else. Our system is open-source, it was built using best-practices in information security and ethical technologies.


Massive data breaches, sharing user data with advertisers, training AI on your data or silently leaking them to your competitors. Total lack of transparency.

Most of providers never share technical aspects nor what values they stand for.

Reduce Risk

Corporations do not have any reason to overpay for security of your data. User data from many services had leaked to the Internet already.

We recommend you to inquiry on how provider stores your data.


We don't mind you hosting your data on any technical site you trust.

We offer an open-source software with simple and efficient architecture. It can work for decades without restarts.

See Technical Section >


"Cloud" cannot be reverse-engineered. At the same time you are not protected from disaster, as providers do not take responsibility for your data. Would your company survive data loss ?

Reduce Time to Market

Proprietary APIs, different data formats, development costs and no data visibility can affect the time necessary to test your product on the market.


Very easy to integrate to your product, as LightUponCloud uses already established standards, best-practises and protocols in order to allow you to start uploading and serving data ASAP ( S3 API, JSON etc).


Bloated proprietary APIs, entangled interfaces with undefined behaviours. All this makes integration task difficult.