Our Story


We knew when we started in 2017 we were up against all the big corporations in this area. But in the space where there are so many storage solutions to choose from and where cloud providers focus on large corporations, LightUpon.Cloud stands out as fast, accessible and ethical.

It is ideal for someone who might be overwhelmed by choice sophistication and wants something small, but efficient.


That is why we have built a technologically perfect storage system, that is simple, reliable and fast.

It is based on Riak CS and provides alternative to overpriced and annoying "clouds", such as Dropbox/AWS/etc.


Customers do not have to overpay for such "pig in a poke" as "cloud" anymore.

Why "LightUpon.Cloud" ?

As opposed to darkness, associated with ignorance, the metaphor of light has a special place in the intellectual history of humanity.

One example of technological ignorance is "cloud" abstraction, as providers often hide how their systems work, their real intentions, their vision for the future - and your place in that future.


We made it our mission to make the best file synchronization system for entrepreneurs, that would replace overpriced Dropbox on their computers and give user control where to store his data.

It might not cover every case, as it is not stuffy, but it gives you a choice: "cloud" or comprehensible and sustainable system.