We have a big experience in Finance and Insurrance Industry and we know how important it is to prevent data leaks, as consequences might be very severe for companies.

Based on the industry and consumer insights, we understood that there isn't simple, affordable file sync that appeals to fintech companies in the market.

LightUpon.Cloud offers a self-hosted file sharing & collaboration tool, that is built using best-practices in information security. It is like Dropbox©, but secure, fast and compliant.


Why Light

Private Team Collaboration Tool
  • Custom security groups
  • File locking, to prevent edit
  • Audit of Changes
  • Search
  • High speed
  • Encryption
Legal Compliance
  • Data remain on the technical site you trust
  • Data portability
  • Interoperability
  • Secure protocols and standards
High Availability
  • Riak CS object storage support
  • Enables on-premises disaster data recovery
  • Replication within cluster
  • Multi-datacenter bidirectional replication
  • Powerful administration
  • Access using mobile access
  • Low latency

Service Portability
Absence of dependency from proprietary platforms make it possible to migrate physical servers and/or data between technical sites without any loss of data.

Data Interoperability & Compatibility
We use an S3 protocol, allowing users to switch between storage backends, providers and apps. External API guarantees interoperability with other applications.

Security & Privacy
We use an Open Telecom Platform ( OTP ), SSL, security groups and best-practises in the industry of software development. OTP is widely used in financial industry ( banking, insurrance, fintech ).

Our server software has features allowing to review, correct and delet user's data upon request, according to GDPR/CCPA/FINRA requirements.

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